Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Little Each Day

Yesterday, I talked about how, for so long now, I've made excuses. I've spent too much time daydreaming about goals and not actually doing them. I decided that if I do a little toward my goal each day, I will surely get there. I went out and did something I've never done. I stood inside the round-pen and Cali was on the outside! I cued her from in there and it was really fun. Pretty soon she was galloping around the outside of the round-pen, having a grand ole time, and I was just laughing. She would turn in and face me when I asked. It was different and fun. Then, I brought her into the round-pen, and rode her bareback. We've never worked with a mounting block before, but I have a tall step for step aerobics. I could cue her to take one step forward and she stood very still while I hopped on. I haven't ridden bareback in a very long time, but I thought it would help me build my balance and I love the connection to my horse. I was fretting before because I don't have a horse trailer yet, so I can't really do any conditioning rides. (Sounds like an excuse!) I just decided that if I do something, anything with her for even just a few minutes, our bond will get stronger and stronger, and then nothing will stop me from making the time, finding a way. No more excuses, let's ride.

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