Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tevis Goals- Reframing

I first became interested in the Tevis Cup as I watched a dear friend began her endurance career. I babysat for Carol, in fact, when she did her first LD. I was so intrigued. Well that was in 1994, but her enthusiasm and encouragement over the years has fueled the flames for me to set my own goals. Carol and I were both raising large families, and I was always amazed at how she MADE time to condition. I, on the other hand, made excuses. Ususally it was something like, I can't ride, I have small kids. I can't afford a horse, I have five (now 6) kids. I can't possibly ride that far, I've had too many kids. I can't get in shape, who will watch the kids. I can't ride more than a few miles, at my age. I can't , I can't , I can't. Guess what? I gave birth to my sixth child, at home, without pain medication at the age of 44. That makes me a bad-ass. I have endured, even at this age. I can because I have six kids! It is what I tell young mothers all the time... giving birth is a rite of passage that can help, not only face the challenges of motherhood, but also, face other challenges in your life. I am looking into my future toward riding across the Sierras, and I am telling myself, I can do this, I have given birth to six kids. That's my new mantra.

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  1. Join the club:) You'll find a LOT of on line support for this. I rode Tevis for the first time last year and I'm sure all my readers were SICK of it by the time it was said and done. :)