Monday, June 28, 2010

Get 'em Hooked

Well, I ruined my camera, so I won't be adding any new pictures, but I still have a few old ones that I could post. It's been two weeks now since I got hurt. I had been doing some groundwork with her throughout the week, but I'd come in afterward limping. Each day I think I feel better, but when I try to do too much I feel it. I thought I would try riding a little just to get over the mental barrier. It was fun and we took it easy, but my hip and pelvis ached worse than it had for days when I was finished. Yesterday, I let my husband, Stephan, ride her. It's his first real ride on her; I led him around on her once several months ago. I gave him his first riding lesson. It was great and they both did well. He and my boys have shown some interest in learning to ride, but this was the first time Stephan has actually ridden my horse! It was exciting for me because there's nothing I would love more than to share this passion with my family. It won't seem like such an addiction if I get them hooked too.

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