Friday, July 2, 2010

Practicing Obstacles

This was the little course I set up in the backyard before the ACTHA Ride. This was our second time through the course. All in all, I thought we did well. We never have side-passed before, but we're getting the hang of it. Eventually, I hope to take some basic dressage lessons, anything to improve our skills.
This was taken before the big spill, of course. I've ridden her twice since that happened, and I've been doing lots on the ground with her during my recovery. Here's the details of the course:
1. Walk up to the mounting block and stand still while mounting.
2. Cross the tarp
3. Cross the plywood
4. Walk over a low 'jump'
5. Go through the gate w/hanging vines
6. Drag a log
7. Side-pass
8. Back through the "L"
9. Step around the star
10. Trot-Stop- Back

Now why hadn't I thought to do all that with a hoola-hoop around her legs!

This post was supposed to include a video, but after waiting half an hour for it to load, I gave up.


  1. I can't reccomend dressage lessons high enough! They have made ALL the difference in my endurance horse....

  2. I know your right. When I was a girl, I took ballet lessons. I developed balance, self-confidence and athleticism that affected all other aspects of my life. I believe dressage is the same for horses. I'll start as soon as my budget allows for it. Thanks for following my blog.