Monday, March 2, 2009

Exploring the hood

Today Jenny and I loaded the kids in her double stroller and I saddled Calico and led her on a walk through the neighborhood, Very soon, we will be going down these streets with me on her back, but for now, I want her to accept the saddle and all the strange things we encounter, huge dumpsters, barking dogs, garbage trucks. We went through some vacant lots where we had to go up and down small hills, she stepped onto some man-hole covers with some encouragement. She's very curious. The only thing that made her nervous was a large palm branch. It must have been 8-10 feet long, (date palm) and was very dry. We were just stepping over it when Jenny came up behind with the stroller and ran over the other end, making it jump a little and making Cali jump a lot. We went back and picked it up and shook it and let her investigate it. Pretty soon I was rubbing her with it and she was chewing the end off. She's very trusting and easy to desensitize if I give her a little time to figure it out. We had so much fun.

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