Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Recurring Dreams

Here I am, again, I starting out with a horse that I think has the potential to go great distances with me. I was here ten years ago with Kiss, a Spanish arabian mare. I just purchased a SR endurance saddle from our local 4-H leader for $400. I had big plans, but little skills. I was just starting to learn about Parelli horsemanship, and I had a great friend that was inspiring me toward endurance. I was trying to learn all I could about endurance then and even went to Robie Park to watch the Tevis riders start out. We lived only 45 minutes away, then. With a large family, and one income we've struggled and my goals seemed selfish. I let the horses go. We had two arabs and a pony; I gave them away, but before I did, I spent Mother's Day riding with my girls. It was one of the happiest days of my life and my husband video-taped it. A few years later, as I completed my apprenticeship and anticipated an income, I got another horse, Majur Storm. I sold the SR saddle for $1000, and put it as a down-payment on him. I had a new set of endurance goals and more experience. I discovered Pete Ramey and Jaime Jackson, and Stormy and I completed our first LD at Washoe Valley barefoot and bit-less. I was using a side-pull hackamore that Linda Tellington-Jones recommended. It was so fun, but I came off at the start of that ride because Stormy was, well...stormy, a Spit-fire really. then we had to go up this steep hill and I didn't have a breastcollar, and my saddle slipped. I did the second half of the hill hanging on to his mane, with all my weight off the saddle. When we got to the top, I jumped off and readjusted my saddle as rider after rider trotted by. Finally someone stopped and waited until I remounted, and Stormy took off to find the little mare he'd been traveling with before. We had done a lot of conditioning rides, but had only ridden with others twice before. He was thinking, "If this is a stampede, then I want to be up front where it's safe" Never mind that your trusty friend is still trying to stay on your back! Yeah, he pretty much forgot I existed. I'm sure the other riders were hating us, because they tried to ditch me at the 10 mile potty/water hole, but Stormy wasn't fooled. He just galloped for two miles to catch up. Once he found is friend he settled down for a lovely trail ride, we finished 4th. I apologize to anyone we might have annoyed. I can hear someone saying, ' Yeah, I remember my first ride'. I loved Stormy, but again, our financial situation looked bleak, and I was still making payments on him, so I let him go. Now here I am again, new horse, same goal. Most of my kids are grown and have incomes of their own, my midwifery practice is steady, my hubby works two jobs, and my horse and board are free. Yes, of course there are regular expenses, but I think we'll be alright. I've learned so much in ten years. I think this dream can become reality.

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  1. Lovely story- I REALLY enjoy your blog! A lot of women will relate to...

    Looking forward to more!