Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I've been reading Karen Chaton's blog with great interest. Many of her ride descriptions and photos are the rides I hope to do in the future. My baby Philip is picking up some style pointers too from Dave Rabe. Now, I'm not saying that Dave rides pants-less, but those cut-offs are pretty short.

I've had a mental block about riding Calico outside the arena. It may have something to do with the fact that if I fall, I'll land on rocks, pavement or cactus. If I want to attempt the High Desert Classic in October, I need to get over it and get out there. Today was the day. We warmed up in the arena first, then it was out into the wide world. I waited until we got to a dirt road, then mounted. Cali was cautious about going forward. We took it nice and slow. We rode through a dirt bike trail in a large desert lot. I decided, of the three choices, rocks seemed the most giving. She did great. Each day, for the next week or two, we'll go farther and farther. Depending on how things are going, our real conditioning will start in June. Long Slow Distance with and an emphasis on Slow.

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