Monday, May 25, 2009

Plan your work

My Dad is a distance runner. He always says, 'plan your work, work your plan'. I've mapped out the long term goals; Tevis 2013, and short term goals; riding around the block. I've measured out some mileage with my car, and this week I set daily goals of walking Cali in-hand up to four miles. Each day I want to add distance and increase the amount of time I ride her. Two days ago I rode her out in the neighborhood longer than I ever had before. She did great, no problems. Today when I went to mount her she spooked and bucked a little. I still had one foot on the ground, so she just spun around me. Somehow I managed to get a rope burn on my elbow. I should have just tried again after a little bit, but I was too worried. We just walked. It was fun, but I was disappointed in myself. Once we got back to the arena, I rode her a little. Just because I have a plan doesn't mean it will always work out. I just have to keep going.

I was thinking there aren't any endurance riders in Las Vegas, then I received my AERC members directory and was pleasantly surprised to find about a dozen people listed in my area. Who knew?

Here's a look at the Las Vegas skyline from our walk the other day. You can just see the Stratosphere on the left, that's right by my house. I hope to take some photos I Cali's hooves tomorrow. She's never had shoes and we travel over some seriously rocky ground. She's due for a trim on June 3rd. I just like to get some before and after shots. She has great feet.

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