Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What a difference

Yesterday, I took Calico out in the neighborhood again. This time I went just after she had finished breakfast. She didn't whinny and cry for Beau once. I guess she was just hungry the other day, not buddy sour. I'm so grateful. She was relaxed and content to move down the road. I brought some hay pellets and gave her some when we were mid-point on the walk. I want her to look forward to going out, to know there's food "out there" somewhere, not just at the barn. I want her to feel like she can count on me to lead her to rest and food and water, and keep her safe from danger no matter which way we go or how far we travel.

I made up a new conditioning log for detailed notes, but I'll continue to use this for reflections. I'm still planning to enter the High Desert Classic III in Lahontan (Fallon) in October. It's a 30 mile Limited Distance. I think that's a good place to start. I discovered that most of the rides in my vicinity are XP rides. That's fine with me. When I enter these rides, I'll start with one day, 50 miles. Later we'll work up to multi-days. I'm not in any way competitive. I just want to complete the ride and enjoy my horse and my beautiful desert home.

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