Thursday, January 14, 2010

More Confidence Building

Yesterday, I was on my own. I went through all my excercises on the ground with Calico. When I'm not with the trainer, I have to use the small roundpen at the place where Cali is boarded. It's very cramped and it's hard for her to get a real workout. Even though it's small, it still works to prepare her mentally because I can visibly see her mind settle and then she's ready to focus on what I'm asking. I was just about to get on her when the landscaper arrived with the weed-whacker and leaf blower. She was distracted, so I did a few more minutes on the ground with her to see if she would react to the noise, then I mounted up. We just walked today. I feel like a baby, taking baby steps, but each time we end on a good note, I can push a little farther. I was suppose to spend at least thirty minutes in the saddle, I think I spent about 12. I dismounted and remounted again. She did fine and it felt good to be on her again. Next time I think I'll ride in the arena instead of the round pen. She responds to the lightest pressure on the rein and she seems very relaxed. If we just do lots of circles, and serpentines and walk-trot transitions, I think we'll be fine.
I'm thinking about the Twenty Mule Team ride in Ridgecrest, CA. That's near Death Valley not too far from here. It's on February 27th, so I better get to work.

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