Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday's Session

I spent a little less time in the round-pen today. The weather has been lovely here, not even cold enough to wear a sweater. I timed myself more carefully today to make sure that I spent a full thirty minutes riding. We still just walked, but Calico stood very still as I mounted today. She was relaxed, but still wants to decide which direction we go. It doesn't take to much to convince her that I'm the one giving directions, but she always says, "okay, just checking". I think I mentioned before that there is an ATV parked in the arena with a mechanical roping calf behind it. The first time I took Cali near it she about had a heart attack. She wanted to hide behind me and sniffed and snorted. I kept her off me of course, and we went back and forth past it several times. We were on the outside of the arena that day. Yesterday, when I rode her in there, I led her past it a few more times, so she could see it well. Today, we rode past it, many times and it didn't phase her a bit. That's cool! I think what surprises me most is the amount of anxiety I still feel after falling off. That was months ago! I feel like we've worked through so many issues, yet it seems the only cure is to ride without falling. Stephan thinks I should just practice falling off over and over. He said, "Ya know, bronc riders can't be afraid of falling, they fall nearly every time they ride. They're just good at falling" He might have a point there, but I'd still like to have a nice, well-mannered horse, not a bronc. I like having my ribs intact. I'm really looking forward to my next session with Robin. We'll be riding together soon.

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  1. somethings never changs! Cali aka "Spirit" has not changed in "spirit" since she was 3 days old!! She is smart and will "get it" all under your confident guidance. She IS such a sweet girl. I'm not sure about the theory of practicing falling---. Betsy, you should be so proud of what you and she have accomplished.