Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Twenty Mule Team Ride

It's settled. Robin and I are planning to enter the 35 mile limited distance ride in Ridgecrest, CA on February 27! This should be a perfect beginner ride for Cali and me. I have a lot of preparations to make, I'm excited to get started. Knowing that I won't be doing it alone certainly makes it easier. We are approaching the entire weekend as a training session, so there's no pressure. It's more of an introduction to the sights and sounds of endurance for Cali. I think the biggest challenge for her will be coping with the distraction of a large group of horses while I'm asking her to focus on my cues. The herd instinct is so strong; it can be hard to keep a horse under control especially at the start of the ride. Maybe because she'll have a buddy, she'll be able to stay relaxed.


  1. what a milestone!You both are ON YOUR WAY. I am truly excited for you and hope to come to Ridgecret to see you off. tedi

  2. Yay! Please keep doing these so that eventually me and mom can join you.