Sunday, February 28, 2010

Twenty Mule Team Ride-Done!

We did it! Thank you, God. Calico Girl and I completed our first Limited Distance ride, in Ridgecrest, CA. As I accept my completion award, I'd just like to thank the folks who supported me; without your encouragement, I'd just be sitting on the couch. Mom, Dad, thanks for having me. I'm so grateful to Tedi, for the gift of Calico. Robin, I can never thank you enough for 'holding my hand' while I took this big step and for pushing me when I needed it. I also want to thank Selina and Justin for the peanut butter and banana sandwich and dry socks at the second vet check, and just for being there; it meant so much. Thank you Robert and Melissa Ribley for putting on a great ride and all the amazing volunteers that endured that freezing rain, and Shawnda for the dry barn, and Stephan for the bottle of Wild Horse merlot and the cozy bed, and Thank you Calico for carrying me to new places; you are the one I've been hoping for all along; my true enduring partner. I'm looking forward to our next adventure. Oh, and thanks to the tortise for reminding me that "slow and steady wins the race" and to my guardian angel (and Robin) for not letting us step on that rattlesnake. I nearly forgot, Thank you soooo much to Brian and Nicole for babysitting Philip while Stephan was working on his Masters program and while Mama was galavanting around the desert. We accomplished all we had set out to do, so now it's time to set some new goals. Robin says the Color Country ride (Utah) in April, but we have to do the 50 miler. I'll need a big push.


  1. Congrats on achieving your first big milestone (or, rather 35 milestones). That's great. I didn't realize the ride was coming up so fast. I thought you still had weeks or months of prep.

    I think it is easier to achieve our dreams when we put some deadlines in...otherwise they always remain on the hazy horizon.

  2. I am still reading about your adventures and am loving it! I also love that you thanked the tortise! :-) I hope you all are still hitting the trails together!