Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Labor of Love


I began cleaning stalls, for six horses, 7 days a week in exchange for free board. It seems that the reason I was created was for poop patrol. Yep, we all have a purpose, and my is excrement. My first duty as an apprentice midwife was poop patrol. I've been  on poop patrol for dogs, babies, rabbits, goats, fish, chickens, women and now, horses again. The study of poop is called scatology; you can learn a lot about a being's health by studying their crap. I wouldn't call myself a scatologist; just a causal observer. I've noticed that when I really like a horse, I don't mind their shit, but if a horse irritates me, I find their manure offensive. I wonder if there is any research on that, in psychology, perhaps. Yesterday was pretty cold so I left Philip at Jenny's. Today I took him with me in the backpack.  I only fill the buckets halfway, so they won't be so heavy to lift onto the cart. Then I have to push the cart into the arena, dump and spread. It takes about 45-60 minutes. 

When I brought Cali out, I decided we needed to spend more time on sending to the right. I realized that I needed to go back to the primary exercise of yielding the fore-quarters, especially on her right (off) side. She really does try. I want to keep it fun for both of us. She's understanding better today. Horses are left or right-handed like people. She's just more comfortable with me on her left, so we need to spend more time on the other side to balance her out.

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  1. Mom! I love your blog. You crack me up! And the photos are gorgeous. I love the ones of her running for her life (which you said Rachel took... good job cousin). Getting a horse was the "dream most important to you," and I'm so happy and excited for you that it has come true. I can't wait to meet Cali.