Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Settling In

(I've been writing a little everyday about my progress with Cali. I just started the blog, so I'll get caught up now)

David and Philip came to the barn with me to check on our girl. It looks like she'd been pacing all night. I turn her out in the arena while I clean stalls. I clean on the weekends for reduced board. I play with her and groom her. Her mane is a tangled mess. I bought a pack of tiny rubber bands so I could braid her mane as I de-tangle it. She grabs the plastic bag and starts chewing it. I had to reach way back in her mouth to get it out. Of course that tears the bag and  a life-time supply of rubber bands fall into the loose sand. She's a character. This is when I decide to change her name. Spirit of the Red Rock sounds like a title to me, so I'll keep it as the title of  her official name, if anyone besides the brand inspector cares. To me she's Calico Girl or Cali.

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