Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Birthday, Calico Girl


Today is Cali's birthday. She's five years old. I decided to make her a carrot cake. I mixed oats, carrot pulp, flax, molasses and a little oil together. Jenny and Grace come over to the ranch. We give her a bath. She gets al little pushy with me at the wash rack. I don't think she's been tied up much and she doesn't like the hose. I have to introduce her to tap's cousin whack! She's more respectful of my space after that. The moment she steps off the wash rack she rolls in the dirt. She didn't even wait until we were in nice sandy arena. She rolled about six more times in there. We sing happy birthday  and she devours the cake. We work on sending out to the left and right; yielding hindquarters from driving pressure and backing up. This is the ground work we have to do before we get her started under saddle. For anyone reading this that doesn't know, Cali has had some handling, but minimal training. I got on her a few times in a round pen, but she hasn't been ridden really. We have a lot of training to do. 

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